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Industrial Refrigeration Performance Plus (IRPP)              

IRPP is a program delivered by VaCom Technologies as part of the Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) 2016-2017 portfolio of Energy Efficiency Programs.  IRPP provides energy efficiency analysis, implementation and monitoring for facilities with large refrigeration systems.  Other programs for Agriculture and Food Processing businesses can be found on the PG&E website.

The program targets refrigerated warehouses, food processors and related cooling operations that operate on a year-around or seasonally in the food and beverage sector, including processing, storage and distribution operations with industrial refrigeration systems as a large portion of their electric load.  These facilities includes complex built-up mechanical systems, which are often expanded and modified over time, with inefficiencies caused by over-sizing and lack of controls to optimize operation at part-load and non-peak conditions.  Under the program, existing facilities are retrofitted, emphasizing refrigeration system improvements as well as addressing lighting, envelope, pumping, air handling and related process equipment.  Whole-facility simulation (DOE2.2R) is used to accurately quantify savings and economics.

Web-based automated performance monitoring, using VaCom’s EnergyDashboard™ service, is included for an initial period to provide transparency and foster long-term permanence of savings.

The Program includes complex, comprehensive and integrative solutions, and promotes “continuous improvement” through real-time performance monitoring and training.  Programs like IRPP that utilize whole building simulations typically deliver higher energy savings levels and incentives than less comprehensive programs.

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This program is funded by California utility customers and administered by PG&E under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission.

Benefits of the IRPP Program Include:

  • Comprehensive study to develop energy efficiency “investment options”

  • Owner selected options are installed, verified and monitored for two years

  • IRPP incentives paid upon completion and verification

  • Incentives: $0.15/kWh for refrigeration, $.05/kWh for lighting, plus $100/peak kW

  • $0.015/kWh additional persistence incentive (paid after 2 years if efficiency levels are maintained)

  • Available throughout Pacific Gas and Electric Company service territory

VaCom makes the process simple: 

  • VaCom Technologies does the PG&E paperwork

  • VaCom Technologies provides full turnkey project coordination

  • Program includes web-based training and EnergyDashboard performance monitoring

    EnergyDashboard is VaCom's web-based performance monitoring service.  EnergyDashboard™ integrates with industrial control systems for refrigeration plants and other utilities to provide continuous measurement of system capacity and efficiency.  It allows owners to manage and improve costs and effectiveness, measure improvements and upgrades, and increase equipment reliability.

    For more information see www.energydashboard.com