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More Information on EnergyDashboard®. . . .

EnergyDashboard® can be used for monitoring various device feeds from refrigeration systems, heat pumps and chillers. Using communication over the Internet or by modem, information is collected from remote monitoring or control/monitoring systems.  Password protected EnergyDashboard Web pages are available from a standard Web browser, allowing owners, service agents or engineers to view information from any location. Display screens can be customized for the requirements of a particular system or process.

These values, including temperature, pressure, flows, power usage, etc., are processed to provide key performance parameters for the mechanical system or industrial process.

The typical “high-level” performance parameter for a refrigeration system or chiller is kW/Ton, which indicates the system’s energy efficiency, as well as providing an indication of its overall mechanical “well-being”. 


EnergyDashboard® Includes:

• System Performance:

  • Overall plant efficiency

  • Individual compressor efficiency

  • Pressures, temperatures, GPM

  • Total kWh, ton-hours

• Continuous thermodynamic analysis

• View intervals from a few hours to months

• Industrial screw compressor performance including slide valve and Vi mapping

• Export to Excel feature

• LonWorks field system platform


• Industrial refrigeration systems

• HVAC and industrial process chillers

• Heat Generators (high lift heat pumps)

• Water pumping stations

• Air compression systems

• Commercial refrigeration racks

An on-line demo of is available, with access password sent via email after sending your name, title, and company to our demo coordinator at energydashboarddemo@vacomtech.com.

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