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VaCom consulting services improve performance of new and existing facilities, with a specialization in refrigerated facilities. 

Our experience in the refrigeration industry, combined with extensive capability in system simulation, allows detailed, accurate assessment of upgrade options and design alternatives.   

Efficiency Programs  

VaCom is a leading delivery partner for all Utility efficiency programs.  VaCom specializes in the delivery of programs involving refrigeration technology in industrial and commercial applications.  Refer to the Efficiency Programs link at the left to read more about VaCom services in this area.  These services, where applicable, are partially funded by the local utility.  See the rebate program section of this website for more information on industry programs offered by each utility in California. 

Design and Simulation

Design assistance for retrofit and expansion projects is best performed with a view toward the performance of the complete system.  Our ability to accurately simulate refrigeration performance is key to our excellent design results.  Existing facility efficiency can be measured with VaCom models that use the DOE2 simulation tool.  This allows VaCom to assess the economic benefit of various alternatives. Project design assistance with refrigeration system alternatives, control system options and also lighting and envelop improvements are all part of VaCom's service offering.  More specifics on our simulation methodology and tools can be found under the Design & Simulation link below.

Consulting Services

VaCom provides technical studies and special projects for utilities as well as industrial and commercial end-users.  These services address system and facility improvements, new technology application and related training program development.  Often, web-based data collection and simulation analysis is included as part of these projects.  VaCom has a training facility in our headquarter location where we conduct industry and product training on request for our clients.

Utility Services 

VaCom works directly for several utilities to manage sub-segments of their energy conservation programs.  Our expertise is helpful in predicting and tracking the benefits, as well as to identify the candidate projects for the program.  For example, VaCom was selected to manage a segment of California’s Savings By Design "new construction incentive".  Refer to the Utility Services link below to read more about VaCom services in this area.