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Packaged Control Solutions from VaCom

VaCom builds a number of standard control panels to meet specific control or monitoring requirements, primarily related to energy efficiency or performance management.  The “packaged solutions” are designed to meet specific and specialized functionality requirements, yet with low cost and consistent operation.

We prefer to use LonWorks open system technology to provide maximum opportunity for integration with other systems and controls.  LonWorks is the leading global standard for open, interoperable control systems, and is used in many commercial and industrial environments throughout the world.  LonWorks, developed by Echelon Corp., is now an ANSI standard (ANSI/EIA 709.3).  LonWorks systems connect equipment and control components from many different vendors as one flat interoperable system, allowing selection of “best in class” vendors and simplifying future changes.  These packaged control solutions include applications such as power monitoring, vehicle battery charging stations, lighting control, and a packaged component of industrial refrigeration:  heat rejection control.  Click on the product buttons below for HTML overview of these products.


Power Monitoring  Battery Charger  Lighting Control  Heat Rejection

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