VaCom Technologies Leads Unprecedented R22 Conversion Project with Zero Downtime, Saving Millions

La Verne (California) — VaCom Technologies, the leader in refrigeration controls analysis, integration and monitoring, completed a massive refrigeration system conversion project with zero downtime. A large scale industrial bakery in California faced a refrigeration system dilemma many refrigeration centers will soon face:  its refrigeration systems used R22, a refrigerant which after 2020 will be illegal to sell in California and the cost of which is raising weekly.

The systems were Dry Expansion (DX) systems and the only options for recharging them if they were to have a leak after 2020 would be to buy reclaimed or refurbished refrigerant, the cost of which is escalating as availability decreases annually. The best option was to completely remove the existing R22 systems and replace them with an alternate refrigerant system, one which would allow them to continue to operate past 2020. A complete refrigeration system replacement would run in the multiple millions of dollars range and would lead to extended downtime for the facility, as well as possible loss of business. These together made this an unfeasible option.

The operators of the plant reached out to VaCom’s trusted refrigeration controls experts. A full evaluation of the challenge and all possible options were evaluated. Together with the customer it was agreed that VaCom would lead an unprecedented DX refrigeration system conversion project. VaCom proposed and executed a multi-year phased project plan which was customized to meet the plant’s specific needs and unique operations. The plan also included several additional value-ad services, including: system design improvements which helped cover the cost of the project as well multiple refrigeration safety upgrades.

The now completed solution allowed the plant to keep running and maintain its existing equipment while converting it to a newer alternative refrigerant, one which is anticipated to be available for the foreseeable future.  The project would not have been possible if it had not been for the extensive industrial refrigeration experience as well as the advanced controls equipment and strategies employed by VaCom.

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