VaCom Presents on Title 24 Proposal for TC CO2 Systems at NASRC Expo

La Verne (California), January 15, 2020. VaCom Technologies, who has been working with the statewide codes and standards enhancement team for California energy code Title 24, was able to present at the 2020 NASRC Low-GWP & Energy Efficiency Expo in Los Angeles, CA. Over the two-day event, the attendees were able to see product exhibits, hear presentations about the latest refrigerant regulations and energy codes, learn about emerging technologies, and more.\"\"

Trevor Bellon presented on VaCom\’s proposal to 2022 Title 24 to develop standardized efficiency requirements for new transcritical CO2 refrigeration systems. He spoke about the motivations for including these types of regulations, the current market for transcritical CO2 systems, and the energy costs and impacts that this code requirements would produce. If you would like to read over the presentation, it can be found here.

About VaCom Technologies

VaCom Technologies focuses on refrigeration controls solutions and is headquartered in the USA. The company is the leader in controls integration, providing analysis, controls and monitoring solutions for the most energy-efficient and cost-effective refrigeration technology management in the industry. More information:

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