Corporate Refrigeration system Management Programs

VaCom delivers maximum value to a company when part of a corporate-wide refrigeration system management program. Through this program, VaCom can design a management process to improve safety, sustainability, and reliability of your refrigeration system assets. To do this, we offer a three-pronged approach. 1) Refrigeration system standards management, 2) Project design and execution, and 3) Performance monitoring. Together, we deliver maximum value to a company by combining efforts that will increase efficiency company-wide and save money.

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Refrigerant Conversion/Upgrades

Does your facility utilize refrigerants like R22, R404A, or R507A that will eventually be phased out due to high Global Warming Potential (GWP)?

Do you have a plan for continuing operations as your refrigerant becomes unavailable for purchase in the coming years?

What happens if you have a leak?

Several refrigerants commonly used in refrigeration systems across the country are in the process of being phased out as the US aims to reduce the production and consumption of harmful greenhouse gasses. As a result, it is critical that facilities think ahead regarding refrigerants and the sustainability of their facilities. VaCom has assisted several of our customers by developing and completing turnkey projects to convert away from R22, R507A, and other high-GWP refrigerants, thus setting them on a more sustainable, environmentally friendly, and profitable path going forward.

Read about an example of one of these projects here: VaCom Technologies Partners with Customer to Win $1.5 Million from the California Energy Commission to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Energy Studies, Incentives, & Grants

Thinking of building a new facility?

Or updating an existing facility?

Do you know what incentive programs or subsidies your local utility offers for energy-efficient refrigeration design or retrofits?

VaCom has more than 30 years of experience assisting refrigerated facilities in gaining the most value from the various incentive programs offered by utilities across the United States. Whether your facility is in California, Texas, Georgia, or anywhere else, let VaCom’s experienced energy engineers advocate on your behalf to maximize the ROI of your investment.

How much energy will our design use?

What are the alternatives?

VaCom’s array of analysis and modeling tools help companies make informed decisions. WE are the industrial refrigeration leaders in applying DOE2 or refrigeration system energy modeling.

Read more about some examples of VaCom’s projects here:

VaCom Technologies Partners with Customer to Win $1.5 Million from the California Energy Commission to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Second VaCom Customer Receives $900K in Grants to Combat Greenhouse Gas Emissions in California

Improved Sustainability Efforts Led to Massive Cost SavingsWhich refrigerant should we be using in our new plant?

Read about some examples of VaCom’s success implementing refrigeration energy efficiency upgrades:

Improved Sustainability Efforts Led to Massive Cost Savings

Cold Storage Facility Improves Bottom Line Through VaCom’s Refrigeration Performance Monitoring

Asset Utilization Studies

Does your refrigeration system have the capacity and flexibility to handle your future production needs?

Are you most cost effectively managing your refrigeration system assets?

Need help identifying and allocating capital project money wisely, base on facts and real data?

If so, contact us and we’ll show you why some of the wold’s largest food & beverage facilities utilize this VaCom service to maintain their competitive advantage.

VaCom works with industrial and commercial customers to deliver energy projects with significant savings.  Many projects qualify for incentive credits from various utility programs that encourage conservation.  For example, most electric utilities provide credits that apply to refrigeration retrofit projects, which can help pay for controls upgrades, new variable speed capabilities, or new refrigeration components.

VaCom experience with the major utilities makes this process easy.  We can design the updated system, simulate the savings, apply to the utility, and then implement the system on a turn-key basis.  Our experience with these Utility “Standard Performance Contracts” has been exceptional with a 100% record of success in obtaining energy savings and energy incentives.

VaCom customers within these areas obtain significant benefits.  Projects typically have a 12-18 month payback with a continuing savings benefit that extends for over 10 years.  In California, several utilities offer this type of program for energy conservation. Click here to view a recent example from SDG&E that saved our client $230,000.  Refer to the utility services link to see how VaCom works with major utilities to manage portions of these incentive programs.

Check out our VaCom Asset Utilization Services Brochure for more information on what challenges we can help you overcome and what goals we can work with you to achieve.