Standard and Custom Controls

Standard Machine Level Controls

VaCom Vault

  • Intuitive control & operation – minimal training necessary
  • Industrial PLC-based systems with advanced control strategies using open system hardware and software programs
  • IO-Link technology provides:
    • Plug & play cabled instrumentation
    • High-resolution sensor readings with reduced signal conversions (analog, digital)
    • Additional information about device health used for predictive maintenance
    • IP67 & IP69K I/O modules for easy expandability to mount outside of an enclosure
  • Systems networking and enterprise information integration
  • Continuous integration of energy efficiency and demand management strategies, for lowest total utility cost – powered by EnergyDashboard®

Control Panels Variants

  • Compressor (including retrofits)
  • Heat Rejection
  • Air Unit
  • Pump Packages/Recirculator
  • Refrigeration System

Custom Machine & Supervisory Controls

VaCom rPRO

Seamless Operation & Integration

VaCom’s Industrial Refrigeration Control Systems package reliable industrial-duty controllers with modern motor controls powered by carefully researched and proven control strategies. This effective combination proves to be dependable, serviceable, and high performing, with minimal operating costs delivering a solution with best-in-class total cost of ownership. Paired with EnergyDashboard® performance monitoring, owners can benefit from continuous efficiency management, system diagnostics, real-time notifications, and complete system optimization.

Achieving Balance

VaCom control systems are carefully designed to optimize the performance of a refrigeration system over a wide range of operating conditions met throughout its lifespan. Well thought out control systems address the inefficiencies inherent in most refrigeration systems; designed for maximum load but operating most of the time at part-load and off-peak conditions. Our controls provide automatic and balanced operation of all refrigeration system components including compressors, condensers, evaporators, and other equipment to seamlessly deliver peak performance and low operating costs.

VaCom not only provides the tool to continuously monitor system performance, unlike our competitors, we act. Our in-depth refrigeration knowledge from years of research, testing, analysis, and computer simulation generates control systems that deliver results!

Refrigeration System Analytics


  • Cloud-based remote monitoring and analytics
  • Deep dive into refrigeration system performance
  • Automatic detection of refrigeration system issues
  • Standard with all VaCom control systems
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