Packaged Refrigeration Systems

Packaged Systems

VaCom ChillPackSplitPack, and GreenPack industrial packaged systems are:

High-Temperature, single-stage applications

VaCom Product Capacity Range (TR)
SplitPack / ChillPack 30 to 220
GreenPack 220 to 1200

These robust systems can be used in process space cooling & heating (using waste heat), ice rinks, food production, process equipment cooling, and many other.

VaCom ChillPack

intelligent process or space cooling using natural refrigerants

VaCom ChillPack industrial chillers are designed with simplicity in mind for even the uninitiated in ammonia refrigeration.  

All ChillPack models are designed to be a plug & play solution, with no need for specialized ammonia refrigeration piping installation in the field.

VaCom SplitPack

Low-Charge ammonia condensing system

VaCom SplitPack condensing units are deliberately designed with ease of installation in mind.  The SplitPack is a complete turnkey industrial low-charge ammonia system.  Only a single power source is required supply the complete package, air unit(s), and associated controls.  VaCom can supply our standard Air Unit Panel(s) (AUP) for power/control integration into the SplitPack’s Refrigeration Control Panel (RCP).

VaCom GreenPack


VaCom and BITZER have combined innovative technologies and approaches to transform the Industrial Refrigeration equipment industry. VaCom GreenPack paves the way to unprecedented energy efficiency, reliability, and longevity with its use of natural refrigerants. By using a low refrigerant charge per ton of refrigeration and incorporates the most advanced heat exchangers in the market, the VaCom GreenPack delivers high heat transfer performance efficiency. It is installed with BITZER Ammonia Compressor Package (ACP) advanced multi-screw compressors (fixed or variable Vi), VFDs, shell & tube evaporator with direct-expansion design, choice of heat rejection equipment and an integrated VaCom control system for a turnkey, plug & play approach.

Models range in capacity from 220 – 1200 TR

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