Refrigeration Analytics

industrial Refrigeration System MonitoRING SERVICES

EnergyDashboard® is a web-based service developed by VaCom Technologies for refrigeration systems. Using secure communication over the Internet, information is collected from refrigeration control systems for offsite trending and more.

The refrigeration process data is refined with our analytics engine to take an engineer’s look at the system performance allowing for evaluation with the expected performance. The highest-level performance parameter for a refrigeration system or chiller plant is kW/Ton, which summarizes total energy efficiency and also provides early indicator of changes in overall mechanical health. From these highest-level metrics, a user can “drill-down” to the performance of sub-systems and individual components.

EnergyDashboard® Includes:

  • Web-based trending and statistics
  • Refrigeration analytics including thermodynamic analysis
  • Dashboard screens
  • Data export
  • System equipment summary


  • Field-erected industrial refrigeration systems
  • Packaged industrial refrigeration systems
  • Multi-site (Enterprise, contractor, OEMs)
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