Spiral Freezer Control Article Published Again in Refrigeration & Frozen Foods Magazine

\"\"La Verne (California), June 3, 2020. An article, written by VaCom Technologies energy engineer Ivy Arkfeld about spiral freezer controls, was published for a second time, this time on the Refrigeration & Frozen Foods Magazine website.

The article covers the importance of integrating spiral freezer control with process and refrigeration controls, and discusses the efficiency, production, and energy-consumption benefits of doing so.

Arkfeld also described VaCom\’s experience with this type of integrated spiral freezer control and how product testing can be utilized to establish operating parameters for each product moving through the spiral.

The full article can be found on the Refrigeration & Frozen Foods website here.

About VaCom Technologies

VaCom Technologies focuses on refrigeration controls solutions and is headquartered in the USA. The company is the leader in controls integration, providing analysis, controls and monitoring solutions for the most energy-efficient and cost-effective refrigeration technology management in the industry. More information: www.VaComtech.com.


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