VaCom Technologies Delivers Maximum Energy Incentives to Leading Distributor

La Verne (California) — VaCom Technologies, the leader in industrial refrigeration controls analysis, systems and monitoring, worked with one of the largest distributors in the country on its proposed refrigeration system designs for a facility in Sacramento. In conjunction with the\"VaCom Design Services Division from ESI Group USA, VaCom’s energy and refrigeration engineers advised the distributor on 10 unique energy efficiency measures which are expected to provide the new facility with greater than $200,000 in savings per year on their utility bills versus a standard Title 24 code-compliant facility. The project application resulted in the maximum available incentives being awarded to the project under SMUD and the California Savings By Design program.

VaCom has an accomplished history of successfully working with California’s electric utilities and California’s distributors in identifying, implementing, and measuring & validating energy efficiency opportunities. The company’s well-established name and impressive experience is at the core of its strong partnerships with the leading distribution companies in the United States.

If you want to speak to a VaCom refrigeration and energy engineer to see how we might help your new construction or existing facility save energy contact: Trevor Bellon at

About VaCom Technologies
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