Industry Thoughtleader VaCom Technologies Presenting at RETA 2018

La Verne (California), October 15, 2018. VaCom Technologies, the leader in refrigeration controls analysis, integration and monitoring, will present at the 2018 Refrigerating Engineers & Technicians Association (RETA) National Conference. The RETA National Conference is the only all-encompassing program in the country that caters to all levels of experience and positions within Industrial Refrigeration.

Kyle Larson, Energy Engineer at VaCom Technologies, will present on performance monitoring analytics at 4 p.m. on Wednesday, November 7 (in the Cumberland H/G room) and again on Thursday, November 8 (in the Cumberland E/F room). The schedule of events for the entire conference can be found at

Kyle will speak about VaCom’s Energy Dashboard®, a web-based analytics engine providing a real-time look into a system\’s performance. Data is collected from the customer\’s site and is available through its secure internet services. Kyle will also speak to critical factors in evaluating and analyzing system performance, as well as demand response planning as a key strategy towards achieving energy efficiency goals and lowering overall operating costs. 

For more information on the presentation, or to schedule a meeting with VaCom Technologies at the event, please contact us at

About VaCom Technologies

VaCom Technologies focuses on refrigeration controls solutions and is headquartered in the USA. The company is the leader in controls integration, providing analysis, controls and monitoring solutions for the most energy-efficient and cost-effective refrigeration technology management in the industry. More information:

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